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Stripping Coffee Beans

Many do not know the long process of phase experienced by the coffee harvest to be a grain of rice (green bean). But to understand what happens during the process of stripping the coffee, of course, we must first know the basic anatomy of the coffee fruit.

1.      The skin of fruit (pulp):

On the outside, the coffee beans wrapped in a thin skin that is red when ripe. There are several varieties of brown, orange, yellow, green even when ripe.

2.       Mucus / sap / liquid fruit (mucilage):

Liquid coffee fruit feels sticky and sweet because they contain a lot of sugar.

3.       Parchment skin (parchment):

A thin layer that feels like paper when dry.

4.       Epidermis (chaff):

Thinner layer of silver that is often seen when the roaster.

5.       Beans (bean):

Generally in one piece there are two coffee beans. Except for peaberry (lanang seed) which contains only one seed with a percentage of 5% of normal coffee beans.

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