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"Kopi Luwak", "poop coffee", or "civet coffee" in other words are different names for one single kind of coffee of unusual origin. This coffee is one of the most expensive coffees in the world, also considered to be one of the healthiest because it goes through a special treatment in the digestive tract of an animal called civet.

Don’t be surprised at this, the coffee is really tasty and safety for your health. The story of this nice little creature and its contribution to the coffee processing started long ago in Indonesia. The Indonesians have been growing and picking their coffee the traditional way until they noticed a small animal picking the beans from the surface, eating them and then leaving the faeces on the ground with half-digested beans in.

It may seem a little ugly but the truth is this coffee is as pure as an organically grown coffee bean can be. The natives learned that the gastric juice of a civet contained healthy elements which eliminated anything harmful a green bean could bring people. This discovery took place in the 19th century when Indonesia was still a colony of the Dutch. The latter have immediately understood the value of such coffee, and started its mass production. But it is just for a limited group of wealthy people only.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that civets brought the world the most expensive and, according to the rumors, tasty coffee in the world, poor animals have been since then put in cages and fed with coffee berries - to produce as many special beans as possible.

Nowadays, this coffee is one of the most expensive - reaching $160 per pound – and the most wanted as well. It could be compared to another delicacy which is artificially obtained by specially fattening the liver of a duck or goose. Anyway, you won’t find kopi luwak any place or website. There are special stores engaged in distributing this delicacy, but since it is rather expensive for an average customer, the coffee is aimed at restaurants and rich people.

Luwak Coffee


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