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Research experts have discovered some of the benefits of Luwak coffee is believed very nutritious for health. Luwak coffee has a high contents of antioxidants to prevent cell damage associated with Parkinson’s disease.

Here are benefits of Luwak Coffee for body

1. Protect the teeth, which is famous for its coffee and caffeine-stick according to research to protect teeth from bacteria that cause cavities, besides drinking a cup of civet coffee every day is also able to prevent the occurrence of oral cancer.

 2. Drink civet coffee 3 cups a day can prevent breast cancer, especially for women who are approaching menopause are very prone to get breast cancer.

 3. Protecting the skin, benefits Luwak coffee is famous for its usefulness is also able to protect the skin from skin cancer disease.

 4. Kopi Luwak can prevent diabetes. This deadly disease is greatly feared, many people who become victims. Apparently there is no drug that can cure diabetes officially, but we still were able to prevent diabetes, that is by utilizing civet coffee 2-3 cups every day.
  5. Kopi Luwak can prevent neurological diseases, because the antioxidants and caffeine contained in coffee can prevent Parkinson's. Besides caffeine contained in coffee Luwak was also able to inhibit inflammation in the brain, which can cause neurological disorders or neurological diseases.

 6. Prevent gallstone disease. Cholesterol crystals trapped within the gallbladder, which can be overcome by caffeine. To obtain these substances in caffeine Luwak coffee rich in caffeine, then you need to drink 2-3 cups of Luwak coffee every day to get the benefits of civet coffee perfectly.

Thus some of the benefits of civet coffee were very good for health, because health is the most precious treasure. Keeping the onset of the disease is better than treating with chemical drugs. Although coffee is very useful, but make sure you do not drink coffee in excess, a maximum of 3 cups per day. Reduce sugar in your coffee so you are not obese.

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