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2 type of Luwak Coffee

There are two types of Luwak/Civet to produce Luwak Coffee, only few civet species suitable for producing the suitable beans.

1.     Asian palm Civet (Tiluto) or Black furry moon weasel with cheeks and fluffy white tail tip (genetic tiger). The advantage of Moon Weasel, is that these animals have the ability to pick the coffee beans since the age of 3 years and in one night can consume 3 kg of ripe coffee

2.    Asian Palm Civet (Molen) or Binturong Furry Weasel plaine black without white feathers on the face/ cheek and with no white fur on the tip of its tail, small head is not comparable with its huge body size reached 30 kg. Binturong Weasel (Weasel Molen) ferret may have the ability to choose a coffee at the age of 12 years and overnight is able to consume 10 kg of ripe coffee

One way to preserve the survival of civet ecosystems current from become extinct due to hunting are the captive breeding. To support the achievment of Luwak coffee production with high quality and quantity, it is necessary to be taken into account until the breeding period can produce Luwak coffee.

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