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The high prices make people strive to be able to develop the business by way of raising luwak coffee at the same plantation. 

The luwak coffee producers in Indonesia, many are on the island of Sumatra and Java. There are some areas that became specialty producer of luwak coffee in Indonesia, such as in Aceh Gayo, Sidikalang and Janjia Maria Village in North Sumatra, South Sumatra Pagaralam and Semende, Kotabumi Lampung, West Java and East Java. 

Luwak coffee is not only for domestic consumption, but also to meet consumer demand abroad. The number of Luwak coffee demand in Asia, Europe and America, mainly supported by the lifestyle of people who spend their holiday with culinary travel. Its a verry good opportunity for Indonesia because coffee is one of the abundant natural resources in the country.

Indonesian luwak coffee has reached the whole world, for example, a world-class presenter Oprah Winfrey that introduce and demonstate how luwak coffee brewing in her reality show. Indonesian luwak coffee products is increasingly recognized as participating in international coffee exhibition in several countries. 

Luwak coffee prices could reach millions of rupiah per kilogram, and sometimes a cup of coffee for 800 thousand rupiah. In fact, the coffee beans came from the processed in the rest of the cived droppings, but never became the most expensice coffee in the world. Asians Palm Civet are animals that have a very sensitive sense of smell to be able to choose the optimal ripe coffee beans. 

The coffee beans are still protected hard skin and undigested will come out with the civet droppings, because civets have a simple digestive system.

The beans like these are often hunted by coffee farmets, because it is believed to come from the best coffee beans and fermented naturally in the digestive system of the civet. Financially, of course, luwak coffee is able to be one of the promising business.

Despite the initial appearance consumed only among farmers. In fact luwak coffee is now known as one of the most expensive coffee in the world. There are many underlying reasongs why luwak coffee prices can be expensive. The main factor is the production of luwak coffee could not be a lot, while the demand is very high on this coffee. In a regular coffee farmers harvest will produce thousands of tons of coffee ready for sale, another case with luwak coffee is virtually as limited edition or limited.

In a day not more than 50 grams of coffee beans that can be retrived or found. This quantity factor that catapulted the price of luwak coffee.


Luwak coffee  take long time to produce. The washing process is repeated, the process of destruction / splitting the parchment skin wrapping the beans, drying for a few days to reach a certain moisture content of the coffee bean sorting process takes a long time as well.

Civet that make the coffee beans produced is the best coffee beans, it also affects the price of luwak coffee. Enjoyment of luwak coffee is well known, it is influenced by various factors example, how the presentation of its right. Lack of proper roasting process will reduce the quality, so it needs a master roaster capable of roasting with the mst perfect profile.

The last one is that value of luwak coffee exoticness, which according to some is unusual and unique. Actually, no need to mention the reason why people will be willing to pay lots of dollar for a unique and exotic cup of coffee. A coffee lover certainly will not be too concerned about the cost they incurred to sip the pleasure of unique, exotic and exclusive coffee.

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